Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society

Committed to strengthen and empower Aboriginal families and community

We need your help!

Opokaa'sin is a registered non-profit organization #00000 0000 XX0000, we appreciate any donations and funding from different areas, as we are always in need of additional resources.

The limiting factor for the growth of Opokaa’sin and our ability to meet the increasing demand for our services is the size of our current physical space. We currently have approximately 3000 square feet of space to provide our programs in.


With increased space in a new building to meet the increasing demand we are seeing, we can better fulfill our purpose of decreasing the number of family breakdowns through intensive services geared towards young families and their children. By strengthening support networks, parenting skills, providing access to developmental screening and health services early in life, Opokaa’sin believes in building resilient families for the future!

A new building for Opokaa'sin...

Opokaa’sin has just purchased a new building in Lethbridge that will triple our space to 9000 square feet, giving us the physical space to meet the growing demand for our programs and enable us to decrease family breakdowns and build resilient families among our Aboriginal people. Opokaa’sin has just purchased a new building in Lethbridge that will triple our space to 9000 square feet.

Renovations to the interior will happen over the Spring/Summer of 2013 so that we can open the building to our programs in Fall 2013.

Renovation Floor Plans

Ways of giving...

Making your contribution to the Opokaa’sin Building Foundations, Building Families 2013-14 Expansion Capital Campaign is very easy. Gifts may be in the form of cash, appreciated securities, or real estate that is debt free. Each gift will be acknowledge and recognized. Your gift, for whatever amount, is sincerely appreciated and will be used to fulfill the objectives of this campaign.


We offer three ways of giving:

- Room naming rights for donations funding the renovation         costs of a specific room

- Donations for other renovation costs and to help purchase the   building

- Donations for the Opokaa’sin logo floor tile artwork

Exterior View - Purchased Building

The Fundraising Campaign 

The purchase price for this new building, which will triple our available space, was $1.2 M, with additional interior renovation costs of $850,000 for a total project cost of $2.05M.  


Opokaa’sin has raised over $300,000 to-date from the city of Lethbridge, from the province of Alberta, and from our own fundraising activities. We need to raise an additional $1.2 M to completely finance the interior renovations for our new building and to pay down the mortgage costs so it fits within the parameters of our operating budget.

Room Naming Rights

Our capital fundraising campaign seeks donor’s contributions in exchange for naming rights in perpetuity to a room in our newly renovated building. The cost of naming rights is $100 per square foot. All donated rooms will prominently display in perpetuity a sign or plaque identifying the room’s donor at the entrance to the room.

Other Renovation Costs

In addition to the funds raised through room naming opportunities to cover the renovation costs of those rooms, there is a need to raise $540,000 in funds for other renovation costs (i.e. common areas, storage, etc) and to help with the building purchase cost.

Donations of any amount are sincerely appreciated and will 

receive the following recognition:


Name listing on the donor page on our website

Name listing on a tiered listing that will be framed and displayed prominently in our new facility

Invitation to our ‘honouring ceremony’ once the building is opened.

Charitable tax receipt


Donors in any amount are sincerely appreciated and will be recognized according to the following categories:

                                                      Community Warrior                       $100,000+

                                                      Community Grandparent                $50,000- $99,999

                                                      Community Fire Keeper                  $15,000- 49,999

                                                      Community Legacy Maker               $5,000- 14,999

                                                      Community Cultivator                    $1,000-$4,999

                                                      Community Naa’pii                         $1-$999

The following rooms are available for Room Naming Rights:

        Type of room    Donor Recognition Range        Monetary Value
Early Learning Records Room (120 sq. ft)          Community Legacy Maker         $12,000
Nurturing Room (662 sq. ft)  Community Grandparent         $66,200
Atan Head Start Room (674 sq. ft)  Community Grandparent $67,400
Gentle Spirit Room (391 sq. ft)  Community Fire Keeper $39,100
Cultural Keepers Room (545 sq. ft)  Community Grandparent $54,400
Little Buffalo Kindergarten Room (511 sq. ft)  Community Grandparent $51,100
LIttle Eagles Kindergarten Room (606 sq. ft)  Community Grandparent $60,600
Iitoyiio'op Kitchen   Community Warrior         $150, 000
Meeting Space  Community Fire Keeper         $20,100
The Nesting Room  Community Fire Keeper $40,000
Playground  Community Fire Keeper $30,000

Opokaa'sin Logo - Floor Tile Display

The common area in the entrance to the building will feature a beautifully designed flooring artwork of the Opokaa’sin logo.

Our logo encompasses the colors of humanity and the stages of life, with all things encompassing the source of creation, the circle of the sun. Our logo depicts the reverence for life, creation, and humanity.

The logo comprises six colors. The artwork for each color may be donated for $10,000. Donors will be recognized as Community Legacy Makers.

Committed to strengthen and empower Aboriginal families and community