Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society


Board of Directors

Opokaa'sin maintains a Board of Directors who govern and oversee the affairs of the Society. Any full member of the Society is eligible for election to the Board.
Tanya Pace-Crosschild

Tamara First Charger
Pam Blood

Michelle Hogue
Sharon Holtman
Robyn Little Bear

Roderick McLeod
Lena Davis
The following are requirements for holding a position on the 
Board of Directors:

Any person 18 years or older, residing in Alberta who is interested in the well-being of Aboriginal 
children and families, and who is committed to the objects and vision of the Society.

Holds a full membership to the Society three months prior to the Annual General Meeting 
(and subsequent election of Board Members) and is in good standing 
with respect to their membership.

Agrees to sit as a volunteer board member whereby no material benefit shall be accrued to a member 
of the Board at anytime while in the service of the Society 
with the exception of out of pocket expenses. 

Board members cannot be employed by the Society, or have been employed by the 
Society during the previous three years.

Board members cannot have immediate family who are employed by the Society.
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Board of Directors